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Mr Xu:18131739935、18201210508



Tangshan Nayuan Microwave Thermal Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of high temperature microwave energy instrument & equipment.

Since 2007, our research team has piloted a series of new concepts such as “Microwave Materialogy”, “Hybrid Heating”, and “Microwave Materialogy Mobilelab” at home and abroad.

Nayuan Microwave Thermo Company has exclusively succeeded in solving the problem of microwave interfered temperature measurement (>1200℃) in domestic and foreign.

Mobilelab series of microwave energy instruments & equipment are exclusively designed, developed, manufactured, and named Microwave Materialogy Mobilelab.

18 national invention patents are applied or licensed.

Exclusive in domestic and foreign:

Microwave Materialogy Mobilelab—Multifunctional material research platform

Anti-gravity centrifugal microwave metallurgy furnace

High temperature high pressure microwave reactor(Continuous fluid or static, 500℃3mpa)

Vacuum stirring microwave melting furnace

Multi-modes microwave synthesis & sintering & metallurgy system

Multi-modes vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace

Multifunctional CVD system

This is a brand-new field!

Whoever has the means of the equipment will take the lead!

We have exported our Mobilelab instruments to 6 countries, having more than 150 user units of more than 200 sets of sales.

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