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Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace(mechanical compression)

Product Detail



Microwave characteristics


Working temperature

1500℃±1℃/±2℃touch screen intelligent control

Heating modes

Traditional   electric heating~1500℃

Pure   microwave heating<800℃

Heating   zone size

Φ120 mm ´100 mm

Compressing parameters

Max. pressure: 5T, 10T, optional;   pressure holding mode: manual hydraulic (standard), electro-hydraulic mode is   optional; digital display of pressure value

Watering cooling pressing head

Movement   range of pressing head: 60mm

Overtemperature   protection sensor of pressing head

Cooling modes

Water cooling + air cooling

Vacuum unit & gas

Optionalsee“Main   accessories”, attached

Compression mould

Graphite   mould customization: suitable for traditional electrical heating mode; Quartz   mould customization: suitable for microwave heating mode


Synthesis,   sintering, and metallurgy of all kinds of materials under different heating   modes, different pressures, and microwave fields.

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